Join us for An Important Meeting to Address our Community’s Human Service Needs

Join Us for a Discussion on The State of New York’s
Human Services Sector

We are urging local agencies and concerned citizens to attend this meeting. It is important that we form a local coalition to increase funding for vital human service programs.

Need continues to rise across our communities, while funding for vital services continue to shrink.

The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, the Fiscal Policy Institute, and the Human Services Council invite you to assist us in assessing the challenges facing your organizations and communities, and to discuss potential collaborative solutions. RSVP today:…/sal…/event/common/public/…

Date: Tuesday, October 11th

Time: 2 PM

Location: MVCAA – 9882 River Rd., Utica, NY 13502

Thank you to our hosts, Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency, Inc.!
Rising Need and Shrinking Resources

There are now 241,518 more New Yorkers in poverty than in 2011, bringing the total to more than 3 million.

Despite this increasing need, 59% of New York providers in the NFF State of the Sector Survey reported they were unable to meet the current need. For example, only 22% of eligible families are receiving childcare subsidies.

Even when providers are able to meet the needs of their communities, contracts, too often, do not reflect the cost of doing business: rising rents, maintenance, fair wages, etc. For instance, this year’s minimum wage increase is not being reflected in increased contract rates.

Human services are on the front lines of the fight against poverty and inequality, but they are losing ground. If state funding for human services had continued to grow at its pre-2011 rate, funding for FY 2017 would have been $500M (30%) greater.

RSVP Today to Join the Conversation

How does your organization navigate this challenging environment?

What needs are most pressing in your community?

How can nonprofits lend our voices to improving the lives of New

Join us to discuss these questions and more.

For further information, please contact Mallory Nugent,
or (212) 801-1341.

John Furman
Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 411; Utica, NY 13503-0411
Office: 500 Plant St.; Utica, NY 13502-4710