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April 13, 2017


Now celebrating 19 years of community organizing, the Central New York Citizens in Action invites YOU to be part of a movement for progressive change based on shared social values. We believe in educating, advocating, and legislating for the collective good. Join us!

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The Central New York Citizens in Action would like to thank all of our members, Board members, supporters, donors, and volunteers. We have received a great response from local citizens who are deeply troubled by the direction of this country and would like to fight for a progressive future.

We are seeking volunteers to help Central New York’s leading progressive organization to expand outreach and advocacy. Our group is looking for committed progressive activists for various volunteer positions. Our greatest need is for a membership/volunteer coordinator. Here are the volunteer jobs we have open:

Membership/Volunteer Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Web Editor
Data Entry
Facebook Editor
Canvassing Coordinator
We have all kinds of volunteer positions open. Most of them are only a few hours a week.
We will be having a volunteer open house and a data entry party soon!
The Central NY CIA is also looking for office space at a central location in the Utica area. The space should be low cost or free.
Please contact us at or call 315.725.0974. Thank you very much.


Event: Outdoor Living Stations of the Cross

Sponsor: Mohawk Valley Pax Christi

When: Good Friday, April 14, 2017 10 am until 12 noon

Where: Walk begins and ends at the DeSales Center 309 Genesee Street Utica

Why: to relate contemporary justice issues with events in the life of Jesus Christ during His passion and death.

The walk is held rain or shine, and there are van rides available for those who cannot walk. We will take a short walk from 10 am until 11 am and then congregate in the DeSales Center to listen to reflections by community leaders. All faiths are welcome to attend.

All are welcome to attend. It is open to people of all faiths.

We plan to walk the Oneida Square Area this year and to focus on the sufferings of refugees and migrants in our world.

Contact Jane Domingue (315 723-4506) or Sandra Wright (315 723-0261) for info



This Saturday, April 15, advocates across the country will march on Washington, D.C. and in 180 cities, including Utica and Syracuse, to demand transparency in government and fairness in our tax code
Donald Trump: Release Your Taxes!
April 15, 2017 • 12:00 PM
Public sidewalk in front of Consumer Square, 4755 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, NY 13413 (We will be in front of Applebee’s.) It is up to us to demand a fair tax system that works for everyone, especially those with the lowest incomes. Please bring signs and stay on the public sidewalk.
April 15, 2017 • 10:00 AM
Syracuse Federal Building• 100 S Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13204

The Tax March has a clear demand: Donald Trump must release his tax returns. Donald Trump’s tax returns will help answer the question: Does Trump have America’s best interests at heart? Without his tax returns, Americans are in the dark about Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest, his foreign entanglements, and whether he even pays any taxes at all.

Americans have worked hard to provide for their families, and have been paying more than their fair share of taxes for years, while people like Trump have worked hard to game the system.
• We need a tax system that levels the playing field so we can grow the middle class and America again.
• Instead of working for the American public, Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell are scheming with big corporations and the wealthy to give themselves a tax break, and take vital services away from Americans.
• Hard-working Americans are paying their fair share. But we know that Donald Trump and his Wall Street golfing buddies have exploited loophole after loophole to pay as little as they can get away with.
Thanks so much and let us know if you have any questions.
Sponsored by CNY Citizens in Action and our local, state, and national partners.



The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica will be hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt at Rutger Mansion No. 3 in Utica on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Rutger Park will be covered in silver and copper eggs, filled with tickets for prizes, donated by local businesses.
The lucky hunter to find the golden egg will win a private party at the Rutger Mansion,
designed by Jordan Marcel, Inc., to use within a year (valued at $1,500.00).

“Whether you are new to the Greater Utica Area, have lived here all of your life, or
somewhere in between, I am sure you have had moments full of awe focused around
the rich history of the buildings in the footprint of our city. Sometimes, when driving
throughout Utica, or attending events, I truly wonder what I would learn if walls could
talk,” reflected Jordan Marcel Short, CEO of Jordan Marcel, Inc. and the honorary
chairperson of the Adult Easter Egg Hunt. “Thankfully, the Landmarks Society of
Greater Utica, has made it their mission to keep the stories that live in the walls of
hundreds of buildings in Utica alive. I’m excited to help them in their mission through the
Easter Egg Hunt and hope everyone will join us.”

Desserts, mimosas and spirits will be served inside the Mansion, as winners claim their prizes. Attendees are encouraged to dress in their ‘Sunday best,’ including Easter hats. A prize will be given for the best homemade decorated “Easter Bonnet.”
Check-in for the event begins at 1:00 PM. The Egg Hunt begins promptly at 2:00 PM.

Tickets are $15.00 per person, with optional upgrades to collect more eggs. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door. The event is 21+.
Local businesses are encouraged to donate items to be included as prizes for the egg hunt. If you would like to donate to the Adult Easter Egg Hunt, please email Karen Day, VP of Fundraising Events at


Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency is pleased to announce that John Furman is the 2017 recipient of the Treva Wood Community Activist Award. The Award is presented annually to an individual who has dedicated themselves to fight for the empowerment of the low-income members of our community. This individual works tirelessly for the rights and the opportunities for success of each individual in the tradition of the late Treva Wood, past Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Community Action. The Award was established in 2005, and previous recipients are: Herbert Thorpe, Warren E. Molo, Rose White, Harry Bilton, Jr., Matt Miller, Dr. Charles Burns, Ray Lenarcic, Jawwaad Rasheed, Rev. Maria Skates, Lucille Soldato, Catherine Bullwinkle, and Rev. Maritza Perez. Mr. Furman will be presented the award as part of MVCAA’s 51stAnniversary Gala on Friday, May 12th, 6-10 pm at Hart’s Hill Inn. Tickets are $75 each and are available online at or by calling 315-624-9930.

Mr. Furman’s involvement in social justice activism is extensive. He is President of Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc., a multi-issue public interest advocacy organization that works with issues such as equitable funding for public schools, health care, living wages, climate justice, and publicly funded elections. Mr. Furman also serves as a leader of the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison Working Families Party chapter and is a member of the Central New York Labor Council. He participates in the Global Social Economy Forum, an international network that aims to foster public-private community partnerships for an inclusive, equitable and human centered economy. Mr. Furman has taught workshops on grant writing, community collaboration, civic engagement, housing and community development, social enterprise, and volunteer mobilization.

Mr. Furman holds a position at the Utica Municipal Housing Authority. He represents the Housing Authority on the Mohawk Valley Anti-Poverty Task Force, Mohawk Valley Housing and Homeless Coalition, Refugee Service Providers Consortium; Herkimer, Madison, Oneida Emerging Worker Committee, Oneida County Health Coalition, and the Lead-Free Mohawk Valley Coalition. He secured funding and managed the Housing Authority’s HOPE VI community revitalization project in the Cornhill neighborhood, which resulted in the development of 159 units. He has successfully garnered funds and helped to manage the Housing Authority’s homeownership program, which produced 58 units. Mr. Furman has obtained over $3,000,000 in new funding for the Housing Authority’s resident service programs.


I wanted to briefly share three things that might be of interest. First, I recently founded The Utica College Center of Public Affairs and Election Research. The center seeks to serve students, citizens, journalists, and scholars by providing research, commentary, and analysis of state, national, and international politics. The Center’s website ( publishes articles daily from a team of contributors (Political Scientists, journalists, & government practitioners) locally and throughout the country and the world. The Center is non-partisan and non-profit.

Second, the Center just launched a new series, 50 Takes on Trump, in which fifty different Political Scientists succinctly analyze how President Trump has been received in their home state. The series began last Wednesday and will continue each week for the next year.

Third, an OpEd of mine entitled How Refugee Limits Could Hurt GOP Rustbelt Reps was recently published by The Hill. It focuses on the electoral politics of refugees in NY-22 and related divisions within the Republican Party. You can read it here:

Submitted by Dr. Luke E. Perry, Assistant Professor of Government, Utica College


· We are demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns because we need to know if the president is personally profiting from his tax plan and other policies he is proposing. We want know if he has contributed his fair share of taxes. And we want to know what financial entanglements and conflicts of interest he has with foreign countries, such as Russia.
· We are marching to oppose Trump’s $6 trillion tax plan. It’s a massive giveaway mostly to the rich and big corporations. We need to end the rigged system, not make it worse as Trump would do.
· We are marching to demand that Congress require that the rich and corporations start paying their fair share of taxes so that we can create millions of good-paying jobs and an economy that works for all of us.

· Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years, Republican or Democrat, to refuse to release his tax returns. We need Trump’s tax returns to see whether he’s supporting the nation he’s supposed to be leading by paying his fair share of taxes.
· We already know he’s paid little or no federal income taxes in five separate years.
· We need Trump’s tax returns to see if he’s really serving the American people as president, or if he is just using his office to line his own pockets.
· We need Trump’s tax returns to see what financial ties he has in foreign countries, especially in Russia. Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., once declared and I quote, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” He also boasted that the Trump organization has benefitted from “a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” That’s a quote.
· We need Trump’s tax returns to see how he would personally benefit from his proposed tax plan that’s a huge giveaway to the wealthy and well-connected.
· We already know his business empire would be among the biggest winners from his proposed business tax cuts.
· We already know that Trump’s heirs could come out billions of dollars richer by eliminating the estate tax, which Trump wants to do.
· We must reveal the truth about Trump’s tax plan by forcing him to reveal the truth about his own taxes. This takes all of us working together, just as we did when we defeated Trumpcare together.
· That’s why there is legislation in Congress right now that would force presidents, like Donald Trump, and presidential candidates to release their taxes.

· That’s why there are bills in dozens of state legislatures that would deny candidates running for president access to state election ballots if they don’t release their tax returns.
· And that’s why we’re marching today, April 15 in Washington, D.C. and in 100 communities all across the country.
· We’re demanding that Trump release his tax returns. We’re demanding that Congress reject his massive tax giveaway to the rich and corporations, just like it rejected Trumpcare. We’re demanding an end to a rigged tax system that benefits the rich and powerful and Wall Street at the expense of struggling working people.
· And we’re demanding increased investment for our kids, our families and our communities—not more cuts, not more disinvestments, not more neglect and not more shrunken opportunities.

· While Trump’s health care plan was a $600 billion tax giveaway—mostly to the rich and corporations—his tax plan is a $6 TRILLION-dollar giveaway. His tax plan gives away 10 times more in tax breaks than his health care plan did.
· Under Trump’s tax plan, the super-rich in his tax bracket would each get a tax cut of over one million dollars a year. The Top 1% would get a tax break of $200,000 every year. Meanwhile, people making $50,000 a year would get a tax break of about one dollar a day. And nine million working families—including more than half of all single parents—would actually pay more in taxes.
· Trump wants to slash taxes on big, profitable corporations. But many of these corporations – like General Electric, Verizon, Boeing and others – already pay less in taxes some years than each of you pay. They actually pay no federal income taxes at all in some years because of all the loopholes in the tax code.
· Wall Street hedge funds and fancy law firms will have their tax rates cut in half by Trump. And that will personally save Trump millions of dollars – assuming he pays any taxes now.
· Trump will keep giving tax breaks to corporations that ship our jobs and profits offshore. In fact, his tax plan will give a $500 billion tax break to corporations hiding profits in offshore tax havens. Imagine what we could do with $500 billion …
· Trump wants to abolish the estate tax, making our nation’s wealth divide even wider. Those who inherit great family fortunes, like Trump’s kids, will get richer and richer.

· Trumpcare cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations while taking health care away from millions of working families. Trump’s tax plan will cut taxes on the rich and corporations even more, paid for by taking away even more from working people.
· To pay for Trump’s $6 trillion tax giveaway to the rich and powerful, he’ll have to severely cut the public services and benefits that working families rely on to get by and get ahead. There’ll be more potholes and traffic jams, fewer teachers and cops. Less assistance for home heating and college tuition. Less research into new medical cures. Dirtier air and water. Trump will make retirement less secure by undermining Medicare and trying to destabilize Medicaid again. That means fewer families will be able to afford nursing home care for seniors and fewer people with disabilities will be able to afford home care. Rich people living in mansions will get bigger tax loopholes while low-income families living in subsidized housing will get an eviction notice.
· Communities of color, women and children will suffer the most from Trump’s huge budget cuts.
· America’s working families shouldn’t endure deteriorating services and disinvestment from our communities. They should be supported with greater public investment: in roads, schools, health care, retirement security and more. That kind of investment in our communities would create millions of good-paying jobs and start to create an economy that works for all of us, not just those at the top.
· The need for that kind of public investment means the wealthy and corporations need to be paying more in taxes, not less. They need to pay their fair share.
Working together today, April 15, and in the weeks and months to come, we can drown out the fake news about Donald Trump’s immoral tax plan by revealing the truth, just like we did with his immoral health care plan. And the first step to getting at the truth about Donald Trump’s tax plan is getting at Donald Trump’s tax returns. That’s why we’re out here today—and we won’t go away, Donald, until we get them!


Please make a sign and bring it to the Tax March!

Donald Trump:
Release Your Taxes!

We Have a Right to Know!

What Are You Hiding?

His Taxes?

Oh Yeah—We Care.

Donald: How
Much Would

Was This Another
For You, Donald?

Why Are You PUTIN Off
Releasing Your Taxes?

Why Aren’t You RUSSIAN
To Release Your Taxes?

Even NIXON Released His Taxes

Maybe You Could
Your Returns

No $6 Trillion Tax Giveaway
to Wealthy & Corporations!


Rich & Corporations:






Big Corp.’s Don’t Need
More Tax Breaks—
They Need to Pay Their Taxes!

Corp.’s with Offshore Profits:

Cut Corporate Tax Dodging
—Not Corporate Tax Rates!

Protect the Estate Tax,
Not Family Dynasties

$600 Billion in Tax Breaks
24 Million Lose Health Care

“Unite! Resist Trump’s Global Agenda and Protect Our Communities”
Talk by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies author, activist and analyst
Thursday, April 20 from 7-9pm
Bishop Harrison Center, 1342 Lancaster Ave., Syracuse

Phyllis Bennis, director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, comes to Syracuse on April 20 to talk about the global effects of Trump’s budget and foreign policy, as well as the movement to resist increased militarism – a movement that, she argues, requires us to also fight against racism and materialism.

As a scholar and activist, Phyllis is part of a coalition called The Majority, which just announced its first national campaign, Beyond the Moment, which runs from April 4th (the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech) through May 1st (International Workers’ Day). It aims to continue the work of making connections between all marginalized groups and the systems that oppress them. She will discuss the group’s newly released statement, which calls for #No$54BillionforWar in response to the Trump administration’s proposed $54 billion military budget increase (an increase of almost 10% from about $598 billion in 2015).

The Syracuse Peace Council will join in the campaign.

Read Phyllis’ most recent article, with Stephen Miles, ” Building a New Movement Against Militarism” here. They conclude:
“Dr. King taught us that to fight against any of the three triplets—the evils of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism—requires fighting against them all. His legacy continues to demand that we link our challenge to all three; we can’t leave any out. How we build a movement to carry out that linkage will determine whether the current rising Resistance answers Dr. King’s demand.”

Two of her books, “Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror” (2015) and “Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict – 6th Edition” (2015) will be for sale at this event.

This event is free and open to the public. Download event flyers from the event page here. RSVP on Facebook here.

Sponsored by the Syracuse Peace Council. For more info contact us at (315) 472-5478,


April 8, 2017



Now celebrating 19 years of community organizing, the Central New York Citizens in Action invites YOU to be part of a movement for progressive change based on shared social values. We believe in educating, advocating, and legislating for the collective good. Join us!

You can view newsletter on:

Action to Fight for Our Healthcare!

WHAT: A rally/press conference in front of Congresswoman Tenney’s office

WHERE: 555 French Rd, New Hartford

WHEN: Monday, April 10th at 4 PM

WHO: Citizen Action of New York, SEIU 1199, Central NY Citizens in Action, Inc.

WHY: The American Healthcare Act is back! The revived measure, known informally on Capitol Hill as Zombie Trumpcare, attempt to take away more items from the Affordable Care Act, on top of all the bad things that the original legislation proposed. To quote the Greater NY Hospital Association, “Congress is negotiating a bad bill to make it worse”. They want to gut the “Essential Benefits” that insurers are required to provide in their insurance products. Eliminating these benefits will make the Affordable Care Act ineffective towards its goals of getting people health insurance and providing the necessary care.

We will send a message to Congresswoman Tenney – WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT! Don’t touch our healthcare!

Hope to see you all on Monday (where the temperature is supposed to be 70 degrees!)

Questions: (315) 725-0974,

Please park in the far reaches of the Home Depot lot where you can walk over the grass to 555 French Rd. Please do not park in the lot behind the building at 555 French Road. Please stand in the 4 foot “free speech” zone near the road, Please bring signs. There is a flat area at the corner at French Road where folks can picket. You cannot picket in the parking lot. Do not take signs into the office. Stay out of the road. The area between the curb and four feet in is considered to be a free speech area (public property).


March for Tax Fairness! – Saturday, April 15 at 12 Noon


Donald Trump: Release Your Taxes!

Join your fellow citizens on Saturday, April 15 at 12 Noon for the March for Tax Fairness!
Public sidewalk in front of Consumer Square, 4755 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, NY 13413 (We will be in front of Applebee’s.)

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are preparing to put their tax plans before Congress. Trump’s tax plan will hand $6 TRILLION in tax breaks mostly to the wealthy and corporate special interests. That’s at least three times the cost of George W. Bush’s tax cuts, which helped start an economic downward spiral from which we are still recovering!

How will Trump pay for this massive gift to the rich and powerful? By destroying so many benefits and services that make our families and communities safe and secure. He’ll try to voucherize Medicare to shift costs to retirees, and slash Medicaid, whose biggest costs are for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. He’ll starve our schools and low-income kids who get their meals at school, and slash Medicaid, whose biggest costs are for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. He’ll starve our schools and low-income kids who get their meals at school, and slash funding for research on medical breakthroughs and climate change.

Our demands are: Trump must release his tax returns so we can see which Russian oligarchs he may be in hock to and how much he will profit from his own tax plan; Trump’s $6 trillion tax giveaway that will go mostly to the rich and big corporations must be stopped. The rich and corporations must start paying their fair share of taxes so that we can create millions of good-paying jobs and an economy that works for all of us.

We will be marching and picketing on the public sidewalk. Please park in the large Consumer Square parking lot and do not block entrances, sidewalks, or interfere with traffic. The public sidewalk is a free speech zone.

Please make up signs such as Rich & Corporations: PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE! STOP CORPORATE TAX DODGING! NO CORPORATE TAX CUTS! CLOSE CORPORATE TAX LOOPHOLES! We Have a Right to Know! What Are You Hiding?

We are looking for actors to hold a street theatre production as well as folks who can make large protest symbols.

Questions or volunteers:, 315.725.0974


Updated Upcoming Progressive Events

March 24, 2017


What: Sympathy for the Uninsured Protest at Tenney’s Office Friday

What: Resistance Protest (Dropping sympathy cards) at Rep. Tenney’s New Hartford, NY Office

Where: Representative Claudia Tenney’s office at 555 French Road, New Hartford, NY.

When: Friday, March 24, 9 am to 5 pm

How: We will be giving Claudia Tenney “sympathy cards” for those who will lose their healthcare under the GOP American Healthcare Act. Please come by her office during business hours and drop off these cards to her, just as you would do for a wake. You can also pick up a card from the store, too.

Outside protest is canceled because of the weather. Please do not bring signs.

Please do not stay long and take up parking spaces for unnecessary time. Please do not block the driveway or entrance.

Who: Local citizens, members of the grassroots advocacy organization – Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc., SEIU1199

Print a Sympathy Card and bring with it you! Here is the link:

Join the Utica Progressive Parade on
Saturday, March 25!

This Saturday, March 25th, come join Central New York Citizens in Action as we Parade for Progress as part of the official 2017 Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade. As you know, the parade was canceled earlier this month due to the weather and has been rescheduled for this Saturday.

Members of all progressive and resistance groups are welcome to join us! We will have a float in the parade, expressing our theme of Patriotism and Solidarity: Unity for Our Community. Please bring signs that focus on uplifting and positive messages. This is our opportunity to let the community know what we stand FOR, not just what we are against. Wear red/white/blue clothing if you like, and put your pussy hats on! Please dress warmly. Feel free to bring appropriate signs. Please join us!

Details: We will be in the RED section, spot #26, between Stevens Swann Humane Society and the Erie Canal Chapter of Harley Owners. Please check in at Genesee & Newell (next to the First Source Federal Credit Union). Please come to our spot at 9:15. Take the arterial and exit at Burrstone Road. You can park behind the Bagel Grove on Burrstone Road. Carpool if you can! Oneida Street and Sunset Avenue will be open to travel to Burrstone and Pleasant Streets. Side streets leading to Genesee Street will be blocked. Bring non-perishables for Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen, which will be collected during the parade.

Questions: (315) 725-0974/

We really hope to have a good showing of all sorts of progressive groups. This is a great opportunity to get our messages out to the community and to experience solidarity with one another. Please copy and paste this post to get the word out!



DeSales Center, 309 Genesee Street, Utica

5- 10 P.M.

Join the Progressive Parade!

March 9, 2017

This Saturday, March 11th, come join Central New York Citizens in Action as we Parade for Progress as part of the official 2017 Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Members of all progressive and resistance groups are welcome to join us! We will have a float in the parade, expressing our theme of Patriotism and Solidarity: Unity for Our Community. Please bring signs that focus on uplifting and positive messages. This is our opportunity to let the community know what we stand FOR, not just what we are against. Wear red/white/blue clothing if you like, and put your pussy hats on! Please dress warmly. Feel free to bring appropriate signs. Please join us!

Details: We will be in the RED section, spot #26, between Stevens Swann Humane Society and the Erie Canal Chapter of Harley Owners. It is not necessary to check in at Genesee & Newell (next to the First Source Federal Credit Union). Please come to our spot at 9:35. (Make every effort to arrive neither late nor early. We have been assigned a specific check-in time to make coordinating the parade as hassle free as possible.) Take the arterial and exit at Burrstone Road. You can park behind the Bagel Grove on Burrstone Road. Carpool if you can! Oneida Street and Sunset Avenue will be open to travel to Burrstone and Pleasant Streets. Side streets leading to Genesee Street will be blocked. Bring non-perishables for Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen, which will be collected during the parade.

Questions: (315) 725-0974/

We really hope to have a good showing of all sorts of progressive groups. This is a great opportunity to get our messages out to the community and to experience solidarity with one another. Please copy and paste this post to get the word out!


March 2, 2017


Now celebrating 19 years of community organizing, the Central New York Citizens in Action invites YOU to be part of a movement for progressive change based on shared social values. We believe in educating, advocating, and legislating for the collective good. Join us!

You can view newsletter on:





While We Were Dreaming – President Trump Stole What We’ll Need When We Wake Up .

Deep cuts to domestic spending to fuel increases in defense expenditures make American dreams impossible to become realities.

Today, the Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. along with more than 2,000 federal, state and local organizations making up the NDD (Nondefense discretionary) United coalition, delivered to Congress a letter calling on Congress and the President to “work together to protect NDD programs from further cuts and end sequestration.” The letter continues, “Such sequestration relief must be equally balanced between nondefense and defense programs.”

John Furman, President of the Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. said: “We are calling on Representatives Claudia Tenney (R-NY 22nd District), Elise Marie Stefanik (R-NY 21nd District) and Representative John Katko (R-NY 24th District) to listen to Central New York residents and oppose cuts to NDD programs. Overall NDD appropriations have been cut severely and disproportionately in recent years. More cuts will have a painful impact on Central New York, depriving residents of vital and necessary services in areas such as infrastructure and housing, veterans services, education and job training, National Parks, medical and scientific research, and public health, safety and security. Local governments and nonprofit agencies rely on federal funding to provide many services to residents. Cuts will hurt real people, devastate the local economy, deprive children and seniors of services, and undermine our health and security.”

One-third, or $54.3 billion, of New York State’s FY 2018 All Funds Budget is comprised of federal funds. Under President Donald J. Trump, and with a newly-empowered, Republican-dominated Congress taking control of the federal budget, the potential for substantial cuts in domestic spending poses gargantuan challenges for the New York State budget and the budgets of local government entities throughout the state (as in other states and localities around the country). local governments are also highly dependent on federal aid receive a total of roughly $16 billion annually in federal funding. Federal aid received by local governments around the state mainly goes to social welfare, public health and transportation programs. While federal aid represents six percent of local government revenues, state aid accounts for 23 percent of local revenue; so, local governments would certainly be affected if significant federal budget cuts severely constrain the state’s financial picture and its ability to provide local assistance.

“While we were dreaming, the President stole what we’ll need when we wake up,” said NDD United co-chair Benjamin Corb following the President’s remarks. “The reality is, every single area the President highlighted in his dramatic close are areas that rely on a robust investment from the federal government in non-defense discretionary spending, the very part of the budget President Trump is slashing by $54 billion in order to pay for his military buildup.”

Examples of Nondefense discretionary or “NDD” programs are veterans affairs, medical and scientific research; education and job training; infrastructure; public safety and law enforcement; public health; weather monitoring and environmental protection; natural and cultural resources; housing and social services; and international relations. Each day these programs support economic growth and strengthen the safety and security of every American in every state and community across the nation.

NDD United co-chair Emily Holubowich added, “Since the President wants to increase funding for such things as border security, homeland security, and veteran’s health, all of which are within NDD, that will make cuts to biomedical research, education, environmental protection, workforce training, children’s programs, and more that much worse.”

The letter, signed by thousands of organizations including the Central New York Citizens in Action, reminds Congress that NDD programs are essential to national security, have already been cut too much after years of austere budget policies, and have consequences. “These cuts are dragging down our economic recovery, hampering business growth and development, weakening public health preparedness and response, reducing resources for our nation’s schools and colleges, compromising federal oversight and fraud recovery, hindering scientific discovery, eroding our infrastructure, and threatening our ability to address emergencies around the world. Simply put, these cuts are bad for the country and are not sustainable,” the letter explains.

With the letter’s delivery, NDD United hopes to highlight how the variety of programs supported by domestic spending are as important to America as a strong national defense. Final NDD United Founding Co-Chair Joel Packer said, “We are confident that Congress will reject these unprecedented cuts. We look forward to working on a bipartisan basis with supporters of these critical programs to protect these investments in our education, health, safety, and indeed, our future.”

In 2013, NDD United published a report, “Faces of Austerity, How Budget Cuts Have Made Us Sicker, Poorer and Less Secure” highlighting example after example of how austere fiscal policies cutting domestic spending are eroding many of the programs Americans rely on for their own quality of life and well-being.

A copy of the letter can be found here.
A copy of the Face of Austerity Report can be found here.

NDD (Non-Defense Discretionary) United is an alliance of thousands of national, state, and local organizations working to protect investments in core government functions that benefit all Americans. The Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. is a grassroots public interest and advocacy organization.


St. Patrick Day Pre-Parade Decorating Party
When: Sunday March 5th (6:30-8:30 PM)
Where: DeSales Center, 309 Genesee Street, Utica

How about a little Sunday Funday! We will be meeting to collaborate on decorations for our float in the Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We will be focusing
on patriotic themes like: Lady Liberty, Unity in Our Community, Everyone is Welcome.

Please bring:
Art supplies (water-resistant pens, poster boards, etc.)
A contribution to our potluck dinner
Friends & family!
We’ll be busy creating artwork that’ll be hung on the sides of the float vehicle but we’ll also have time to chat, eat some food and listen to music. It’s sure to a fun and productive evening. Hope to see you there!

Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held on Saturday, March 11th (8:30~9:00 AM meet up) More details will be forthcoming.
CNY Citizens in Action will be joined by other progressive groups in the area to represent those of us who are fighting to make change in our community and resisting the new administration. There will be literature to distribute along the parade route, music on the float and perhaps a little “street theater” too.
Let our voices be heard loud and proud!

Thursday, March 2
“NY State Politics: How to Win the Map Game”
6:30-8:30 pm
MVCC Utica Campus, AC116
Bill Thickstun, Chair, Oneida County Democratic Committee

Networking at 6:30 pm followed by a 7:00 pm talk with local maps on how districts are created, how gerrymandering works, why districts at all the different levels of government have confusing and overlapping boundaries, why they change every 10 years, what districts at each level are currently held by which party, and related subjects. Aimed at new party committee members, first-time activists, and concerned citizens interested in how the political system works.

Co-Sponsored by Progressive Action Huddles, Rise Up Mohawk Valley, and CNY Citizens in Action.


What: Resistance Picket/Rally in front of Rep. Tenney’s New Hartford, NY Office

Where: Representative Claudia Tenney’s office at 555 French Road, New Hartford, NY.

When: Friday from 4-6pm

How: Citizens will be letting Rep. Tenney know that it is important for members of Congress to listen to their constituents, everyone needs health care, immigrants are valued members of our community, and Medicare and Social Security need to be protected.

Who: Local citizens, members of the grassroots advocacy organization – Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc.

We are urging Citizen Action members and supporters to attend a rally/picket in front of Representative Tenney’s office this Friday between 4 and 6 p.m. There will be an ‘Organic’ gathering to maintain a weekly presence at Tenney’s office. Demand the following: Protect the ACA, Stop Cuts to Domestic Programs, Keep the EPA and Dodd Frank, All groups/ organizations are welcome to participate. Bring posters! Consider parking elsewhere ( i.e., Home Depot). Must remain within 4 feet of the roadway (public space). Dress for the weather! This is our weekly Resist Trump event. Please share!

Running to Win Candidate Training Workshop Slated for March 6

The second in a series of candidate training workshops to recruit, train, and elect the next generation of progressive leader will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 6 at the Central New York Labor Council, 287 Genesee Street, corner of Dakin Street, Utica. Parking is available in the rear.

“The Running to Win” workshop is free and open to persons who share progressive values and are interested in running for office or assuming party positions. The workshop is designed to teach candidates and campaign volunteers the nuts and bolts of running—and winning—a progressive campaign. The workshop is sponsored by the New York State Working Families Party, Oneida County Democratic Committee, and the Central New York Citizens in Action.

Running to Win is part of the WFP’s pipeline training program that seeks to arm progressives with the strategies, tools, and skills needed to win elections. Topics include fundraising, canvassing, budgeting, speeches, planning, volunteer recruitment, canvassing, and voter engagement. Local organizers are hoping to run a slate of progressive candidates for local offices this year.
For more information, please email or call 315.725.0974.


Ombudsmen Volunteers Ensure “You have the right to remain you” For Residents of Local Long Term Care Facilities

As an independent living center, RCIL’s personal motto is “you have the right to remain you.” The Resource Center for Independent Living, in Utica, NY, works tirelessly to ensure individual rights and freedoms to individuals. RCIL offers a variety of programs, including ‘Open Doors’ that make it possible for seniors and those living with disabilities to remain independent in the community.
But what about those residing in local long term care facilities that are not able to return to the community? Sometimes it is necessary for an individual to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. The nursing home is home to many throughout the region. At RCIL, we believe; residents living in facilities deserve dignity, respect and to maintain the power of personal choice.

Navigating the long term care setting can be tricky for residents and their loved ones. Many are unsure of this transition and are not well informed of their rights residing in a nursing home. RCIL provides consult for those with nursing home inquiries through its NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. The local Ombudsman Program provides a presence in over 50 long term care facilities and serves Oneida, Herkimer, Otsego and Madison Counties consisting of 5,000 residents. The Ombudsman Program is often a voice for residents who are unable to advocate for themselves.
Exemplary volunteer spirit is the livelihood of the local Ombudsman Program. The program relies on a strong group of state certified volunteers and coordinators to educate, investigate and resolve resident related concerns within local nursing home facilities. All volunteers undergo a vetting process and a state certification course prior to becoming a state Ombudsman.
This unique volunteer experience requires a professional and committed individual. Ombudsmen provide a regular presence in their assigned nursing home. Ombudsmen work to educate, empower and advocate on behalf of the residents. Ombudsmen put forth effort to promote quality of life and quality care for the residents they serve.
Fiona Dejardin, Ombudsman in Otsego County, claims her role as an Ombudsman can be complex at times, but she enjoys the problem solving and helping residents resolve their concerns with the facility. The highlight of her role as an Ombudsman volunteer is getting to know the residents. “They have led very rich lives and I am honored to be able to make a contribution to their last chapter. I have so much respect for them.” She believes this experience has opened her eyes to the problems of elder care. In the future, Fiona would like to become more of an activist for issues impacting the elderly living in facilities.
Ten-year Ombudsman Veteran, Tom Talbot of Oneida County spends his time advocating for the residents. When asked what keeps him so actively involved in the volunteer program he proclaims, “Far and away, the residents; they are the ones we serve and they keep us going.”
Talbot and other Ombudsmen also work to raise awareness of the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) through letter writing campaigns and other mechanisms. The PNA is an allotted budget of fifty dollars per month allocated to nursing home residents. This minimal monthly allowance allocated to our elderly and other long term care residents has remained stagnant since 1981. Many believe this amount is inadequate for a monthly allowance in 2017 and leaves many nursing home residents with little quality of life.
Whether it be consulting, advocating, empowering, educating or investigating; the powerful presence of an Ombudsman makes a difference in our local nursing homes. People residing in nursing homes are guaranteed more dignity, respect and rights than those fortunate enough to live in the community. It’s about time we raise awareness of that. The nursing home is their home after all.
If you are interested in more information on the Ombudsman Program, or to become an Ombudsman at our next state certification training this April please call RCIL at (315)272-1872 or (315)272-1873.
Krystal Wheatley is the Senior Coordinator of RCIL’s NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, RCIL is a local organization providing resources, information and tailored advocacy for individuals in need.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Program

Free Career Training for 16-24 Year Olds

An Opportunity for a Better Life – Go for It



NYS Dept. of Labor, NYS Office Building
207 Genesee St., Room 103D, Utica, NY 13501

Note: You Must Have ID To Enter The Building

Admissions Counselor David Brown at (315) 478-5529
To see if you are eligible for the program and to find out what documents to bring

• Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
• Students must bring their documents to Orientation
• Application Interviews will follow Orientation


RCIL and MyFreeTaxes Offer FREE Tax Preparation!

Keep as much of the money you’ve earned as possible by filing your taxes for FREE with our IRS-certified volunteers!
If you live in Herkimer or Oneida County and your total household income is $54,000 or less, the Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL) and the Mohawk Valley Asset-Building Coalition have a trained group of certified volunteers that will electronically file your taxes for FREE!

Do you know if you qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs)? Our IRS-certified volunteers can work with you to determine if you qualify for any special tax credits that increase your return and help you keep more of what you earned!

Schedule your appointment today by calling 315.272.1888 or emailing

We’ll be scheduling appointments from January 27th through April 15th, on Wednesdays – Saturdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at our fully-accessible Super-Site, located in the Dorothy Smith Center for Advocacy at RCIL (1607 Genesee Street, Lower Level, Utica, NY). Additional hours are also available at the Herkimer and Rome locations, please call to make an appointment.

If you would like to file your taxes on your own, you can do so using My Free Taxes. Visit, click on “File for Free”, and create a new account. All you’ll need is a computer and internet connection, and if those aren’t available, call 272-1888 and make an appointment to come use one of the computers at our Super-Site on Genesee Street in Utica!

For more information about Free Tax Preparation, or to schedule an appointment, please call 272-1888 or visit

Resistance Picket Friday in Front of Rep. Tenney’s New Hartford Office

February 24, 2017

Claudia Tenney is listening! She has heard our calls for a Town Hall meeting, and has indicated that she is ready to hold one. So what now? We turn up the volume! She seems to be listening, so let’s make sure that she can really hear us!

Immediate call to action:

What: Resistance Picket in the Free Speech Zone, a four foot wide zone along the road.

Where: Representative Claudia Tenney’s office at 555 French Road. Park in the lot for Home Depot: her office is in the large brick building just to the right of Home Depot as you are facing it.

When: Friday from 3-5pm

How: Please don’t block traffic, don’t engage with counter-protestors, don’t be anything but civil and respectful. Bring signs that let Rep. Tenney know that everyone needs health care, that Immigrants are valued members of our community, and that Medicare and Social Security need to be protected. Make your voice heard!

Who: You! Me! All of us! Everyone! Bring a neighbor, grab a friend, include the whole family. Let’s make sure that Rep. Tenney knows how many of her constituents are concerned about the Trump agenda and her role in it. Let’s show her what Democracy looks like!


February 20, 2017

Utica Community Town Hall Meeting Will Ask:
What’s Happening To My Health Care,
Congresswoman Tenney?

WHEN: Monday, February 20, 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: DeSales Center, 309 Genesee St. , Utica (across the street from Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (parking next to the building at the corner of Eagle and Genesee Streets)

No wonder it took Congress so long to release their healthcare plan –it’s not a plan at all!

Extreme right-wing elected officials in Congress are determined to eliminate affordable, quality healthcare. Their actions would cause 30 million hardworking Americans to lose healthcare coverage and also, would threaten the economic viability of the healthcare institutions that serve our communities. The recently released Congressional plan does not protect healthcare coverage –it destroys it!

At this public forum, being held in the style of a Town Hall Meeting, members of the Utica community will speak about how the newly released, flawed Congressional healthcare plan will impact their lives. Participants will take the opportunity to tell newly-elected Congresswoman Tenney* their stories, which illustrate the need for affordable healthcare.

*Congresswoman Tenney has been invited to the meeting.


Resistance Recess: Save our Health Care, our Communities and our Democracy

The week of February 18-26 is the first congressional recess of the 115th Congress, and for many of us, the first opportunity since Trump took office to speak as constituents directly with our members of Congress. This is the perfect time to ask the questions that we, as constituents, deserve answers to and to demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that tolerance of Trump’s attacks on our health care, our communities, and our democracy are unacceptable and politically toxic.
That’s why we’re declaring this congressional recess: “Resistance Recess: Save Our Health Care, Our Communities, and Our Democracy.”

We will show up at our elected officials’ events, town halls, and other public appearances to make it clear to those that represent us in Congress and the media that tolerance of the Trump Administration’s hurtful policies is intolerable; that indifference or idleness is not acceptable; that complacency is politically toxic.


What: Resistance Recess Action
When: Tuesday, February 21 through Friday, February 24 (every day this week)
Where: Representative Claudia Tenney’s Office, 555 French Rd, Suite 101
New Hartford, NY 13413, Building One; parking is available in Home Depot lot.
Who: Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc., local citizens, please have your group serve as a co-sponsor

Central New York Citizens in Action members are joining local citizens outside of Representative Tenney’s NH office building at 555 French Road to protest her absence from the district during this Congressional recess week. We will be there from 3-5 p.m. each day this week and we hope others will join us when they can, for however long they can be there.

Rep. Tenney is traveling to Iraq, Afghanistan and Munich with the Financial Services Committee over the Congressional break. She will not be in the District at all.

She joins approximately 200 other Republican Congressmen and women who are also missing in action from their districts. This is a Republican tactic and Tenney seems very comfortable embracing it rather than doing her job. Especially this early in a hugely tumultuous Congress her job is to be in District meeting with the public and listening to constituents. She wanted the job and now she has to do it, and we need to call her out until she does. Looking forward to having people join the effort to make Tenney’s absence an issue!

Please bring signs to protest the Trump and Republican agenda. There is a flat area at the corner at French Road where folks can picket. You cannot picket in the parking lot. Do not take signs into the office. Do not engage with counter protesters. Just ignore them. Stay out of the road. The area between the curb and four feet in is considered to be a free speech area (public property).

Assemblyman Brindisi: Let Your Voice Be Heard! Town Hall
Meetings This Week Focusing on the State Budget

Town halls take place this week in Utica and Frankfort to give constituents a chance to comment on this year’s proposed state budget

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica is inviting the public to attend town hall meetings this week he’s sponsoring to get input on this year’s proposed State Budget.

“This is an excellent opportunity to let your voice be heard. Work is continuing on the state budget, and now is the time to provide your input and opinions so I can make sure this spending plan best reflects the needs of our community. I hope you can join me for one of these town hall meetings, where you will have the opportunity to speak out on your priorities for the state,” Brindisi said.

Town hall meetings will run from 6 to 8 p.m. The following is the schedule of upcoming meetings:

• Tuesday, February 21st Frankfort High School Gymnasium, 605 Palmer Street, Frankfort
• Wednesday, February 22nd, MVCC IT Building Theater , 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica

For more information on the meetings, please contact Assemblyman Brindisi’s Utica District office at (315) 732-1055, or by email at


Speaker: Former Congressman Richard Hanna
Topic: The State of US Politics and the Future of the Republican Party Under President Trump
Date: Thursday, March 9th
Time: 7 pm
Format: 30 minute talk with plenty of time for Q&A afterward
Location: Utica College, Boehlert Hall, Boehlert Conference Center (on backside of building)
Sponsor: Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, Utica College

Central New York Progressive – 2.16.2017

February 17, 2017

Speak Up and Speak Out
in conjunction with the
National Strike 4 Democracy
Friday, February 17
Speak outs at 12 and 4, open mic in between
Drop in and stay for as long as you can
Speak from the heart, listen to and amplify the voices of others
Hamilton College Chapel


Community Health Town Hall Meeting
Monday, February 20
7 – 9 p.m.

DeSales Center Inc.
309 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501
Across the street from Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
Parking at the corner of Eagle and Genesee Streets

Please join us for a Community Health Town Hall Meeting to talk about quality care, access to care, creating a healthy community, and the effects of Medicaid caps and repealing the ACA in the 22nd Congressional District.

Invited Guest: Rep. Claudia Tenney
She has not responded

Call Congressperson Tenney Today 202-225-3665/315-732-0713 – tell her you are disappointed and want her to attend the Community Health Care Forum – stop hiding! She needs to listen to the people in our district and hear how we are going to be hurt by the proposed cuts to health care, before she supports the repeal of the ACA and cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

Congress is rushing to take away our health care! Rep.Tenney and her colleagues are quickly moving to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), yet with no sign of a viable replacement in sight … NOTHING.

84,000 will lose their health insurance in our Congressional Dist 22.. It’s a callous and irresponsible scheme that puts partisan politics ahead of the health and economic security of our fellow citizens.

Join us- Speak out! Tell Claudia Tenney – Don’t Take Away our health care!

Sponsors: Citizen Action of NY, 1199/SEIU, Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc



Date: Tuesday, 2/21/2017 Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Place: Utica Public Library
Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP through email below. Free and Open to the Public.

Presented By: Patrick L. Johnson

This is a workshop that addresses the issue of racism in America and more importantly here in the Mohawk Valley. The purpose of this forum is to raise our awareness about the impact racism has in our lives – even when we may not be aware of it. The presenter will create an atmosphere that will allow all participants to share their experiences and concerns about racism in America. This workshop will afford the participants an opportunity to have an authentic conversation; one that is intended to be enriching and insightful. There will also be opportunities to offer solutions for a better community. One of the primary purposes of this workshop is to heighten our awareness as to how present racism is in the workplace and other areas of our life….even when we may not notice. Many people have not been offered the opportunity to have an honest dialogue about race relations. This is that opportunity.

We will explore what it means to be White, Black, Asian, Latino. What are your experiences given the racial identity that you hold? What stands between us? Although many would say that race relations have gotten better in America, what are the unresolved issues that keep us disconnected? One of the best things we can do for starters is begin to have honest conversations. It’s often what we don’t talk about that often produces polarization.

The participants in this forum will be fueled with new insight that will help them create a warmer and more welcoming work environment. This discussion will be thought provoking and engaging. We will not only gain a better understanding of others, but more importantly ourselves. In doing so, we find genuine ways to connect with people who are different than us, because we have been willing to ask the questions that help bring a better understanding of different groups. This workshop has proven to be an eye opener, also liberating and empowering for many who have participated in this workshop over the years. It’s well worth the time.

As the Mohawk Valley emerges into a very diverse community, we can no longer afford to put this conversation on the shelf. Please join us in this important dialogue. Thank you.

Patrick L. Johnson
Community Liaison
(315) 601-6002

Sponsored by the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office.


What’s your healthcare story?


Over 2.7 Million New Yorkers Would Lose Coverage

Estimated State Budget Impact of $3.7 Billion

Counties Across New York Would Lose Over $595 Million in Direct Spending

New York Residents Would Lose $250 Million in Health Care Savings Tax Credits

Americans are learning that they hold the key to protecting their health care. It’s called democracy.

After Congress took the first steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement—which would leave more than 2.7 million New Yorkers without insurance—public resistance has forced them to pause.

That means there’s time for more personal stories to demonstrate that affordable, high-quality healthcare for all peopel is not negotiable.

Share your healthcare story so we can raise our voices as one.

This is the moment to make sure lawmakers know we won’t stand by as they try to roll back the ACA’s crucial protections for kids and families..

We’ll fight their efforts to block-grant Medicaid, which would deny the only insurance available to many of the most vulnerable people. And we will stand up for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Personal stories are a powerful tool. Share yours.

Together, we can make the political system work the way it should – and protect families and kids

We need folks to share how they have been helped by the ACA; please call 315-725-0974 or email People can write comments, speak at our upcoming meeting, or we can video tape you. Share your story here:!



Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc., a local nonprofit progressive public policy and advocacy group, is seeking doCnated office space in the Utica area. We are expanding our organization and need 24 hour/7 day a week access. Ideal space would accommodate desks, computers, filing cabinet, meeting area, and phones. The space could be an office within a larger suite. It could be an apartment in area zoned for apartment/office. We can pay utilities. Contact John Furman at 315-725-0974 or

Sum 41 Music Video Parody Concert – Resist Trump Video Filming

February 3, 2017

Sum 41 Music Video Parody Concert – Resist Trump Video Filming

Saturday at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Brookwood Park
N Caroline St, Herkimer, New York 13350

We are filming our next music video that’s a parody of Sum 41’s In Too Deep. With Trump now President, the time to unify and drop differences is NOW. This song encourages people to drop what they are doing and get out and organize and gather together in solidarity. This video will include clips from the Women’s Marches, Airport Protests and whatever else will happen before February 4th. The Resistance begins with everyone coming together to embrace similiar values, ideologies, and fight for a better world rather than going backward.

Our goal is to have about 50 to 100 people show up from 730 PM to about 10pm on Saturday.

For Saturday: Show up at Brookwood Park right at 730pm. Some will come earlier to set up the actual performance scene. We will have hopefully a stage set up and we will have a band that is set to mockingly play the parody song. Your goal is to show up with enthusiasm and just be a part of the band crowd. I will reach out to individual people who confirm themselves to the event. I would like to grant certain people parts during the video for specific scenes. Tim Lyon will be directing the video.

More details to come. But please. This video is unifying and truly powerful. I will send you the audio track privately if you rsvp this event. Please take the time out to show up if you can.


February 1, 2017



Now celebrating 19 years of community organizing, the Central New York Citizens in Action invites YOU to be part of a movement for progressive change based on shared social values. We believe in educating, advocating, and legislating for the collective good. Join us!

You can view newsletter on:




Please consider attending the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (MVRCR) Press Conference in Response to the Executive Order Halting Refugee Resettlement this Wednesday in the MVRCR-DeSales Auditorium at 12 noon. Please come and show your support for our residents, past present and future, as we hope a packed auditorium shows solidarity to refugees and immigrants and also shows our public officials how many of their constituents are concerned over these horrible policies.


In response to President Trump’s executive order titled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”, Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (MVRCR) will hold a press conference Wednesday, February 1st at 12:00 pm in the DeSales Auditorium, 309 Genesee St. Utica, NY.


• The U.S Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is being suspended for 120 days for all populations with a few exceptions.

• It sets a new refugee resettlement priority— requiring the United States to no longer prioritize the resettlement of the most vulnerable— but those who are fleeing religious persecution and are minorities in the country they are fleeing.

• Syrian refugees have an indefinite bar on being resettled, until such time that the President determines that sufficient changes have been made to the USRAP.

• The order further bans residents of seven countries, including green card holders, from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan from visiting or entering the U.S. for 90 days. Other countries may be added to the list.

• It creates new screening procedures for refugees and other visa applicants in the U.S. and may require asylum recipients and others— to undergo additional screening.

• Provides for a new procedure to allow states and localities to discriminate against refugees by deciding whether they can be placed in their state or communities.

• It is essential that we stand firm and fight for the rights of refugees and our shared American values.

We stand with the American people in strong opposition to this Executive Order which turns our backs on refugees, in particular Muslim refugees. Utica has a 36-year history of welcoming refugees of all faiths who have added to the vibrancy and economic growth of our city. We reject the notion that Christians would be given preferential admittance before their Muslim neighbors. Closing our borders to refugees based on their national origin runs contrary to our constitutional values and is not only insidious, but dangerous. We call on members of this new administration and Congress to do everything in their power to reverse this order.

What You Can Do Today About Immigration
Wednesday’s pronouncement about building the wall and limiting refugees demands a public response. Please download this You Are Welcome Here poster and post them all around your neighborhood.

Here are additional posters you can post at your home and business!!




In addition to the executive orders announced last week that denied admission to refugees and other immigrants, there have been reports that the Trump Administration will order more restrictions on immigrants who use or would be expected to use public benefits. The order would make certain lawfully present immigrants or applicants more at risk of being designated a “Public Charge.” Under current law, that designation applies to receipt (or expected receipt) of cash assistance (such as TANF or SSI) or long-term nursing home care. The new order could include many additional benefits (SNAP? WIC? We don’t yet know.)

The Executive Order has not yet been announced but a draft was leaked to the press. Based on existing law, changes to “public charge” language by executive order would not apply to refugees/other humanitarian immigrants or to decisions about naturalization, but could apply to immigrants seeking to become lawful permanent residents (LPRs). Expectation that they would be/have been “public charges” would be grounds for denying a visa application or adjusting status; that current LPR’s who leave the country for more than 180 days could be denied readmission; current LPR’s who utilized benefits within 5 years after entering the country could be deported.



Please join us at the next meeting of the Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. to help us resist Trump-Pence-Ryan agenda that flies in the face of our progressive values. We must protect the rights of and demand respect for refugees, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and the LGBQT community. We must stand up to Republican proposals that will take away our health and Social Security benefits and services for children and the elderly. Our meeting will provide an update on local, state, and national efforts to fight back policies, laws, executive orders, and cabinet appointments that take away our rights, erode our democracy, and benefit the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. Learn how you can get involved and become part of the movement to block Trump’s divisive agenda. We will have break out groups such as protecting rights of the vulnerable, communications, election mobilizing, and lobbying. The meeting will be held on Thursday, February 2 between 7 and 9 pm at the DeSales Center, 309 Genesee St. Utica. It is across the street from the Munson-Williams Proctor Institute in Downtown Utica. Parking is available next to the building. Thank you for your support.


Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, (NY-22)
512 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


I pledge to resist Trump’s hate filled agenda.
I pledge to stand up to Trump’s hate filled agenda by actively supporting candidates who will:

Create an economy that works for EVERY person, not just the super-rich and corporations

Overhaul our criminal justice system with the goal of ending mass incarceration of Black, brown and poor individuals

Make massive investments in green energy and other infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate change

Fight for policies that dismantle structural racism, sexism and economic inequality

Become a member at this link:


We applaud the Senator’s work in opposing the Trump administration and urge him to continue his efforts! Please find below his statement:
After the first week of the Trump presidency it’s clear our country is at a cross roads. In his first week in office the president has stomped over our proud American tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees, trafficked in alternative facts, and is attempting to fill his cabinet with billionaires and bankers. What kind of country do we want to be: one that helps the middle class and those struggling to get there or one that further rigs the system in favor of the special interests?

The people that the president has nominated to serve in his cabinet will have incredible power over millions of Americans and in shaping what kind of country we are going to be.
I’ve made it very clear I will vote NO on nominees DeVos (education), Tillerson (state) and Sessions (attorney general). Nothing will change that, and while I will continue to demand that each nominee issue a public statement on his or her views of President Trump’s Muslim Ban, I will vote against nominees who will be the very worst of this anti-immigrant, anti-middle-class, billionaires’ club cabinet. Rep Mick for Budget Director, Rep Tom Price for Health and Human Services, Steve Mnuchin for Treasury, Scott Pruitt for EPA and Andy Puzder for Labor have repeatedly shown they will not put the American People or the Laws of our nation first, and I will vote against their confirmations.


Members of Congress are debating a repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and major cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and other health coverage programs. We know consumers are Mulvaney looking for ways to get involved in the fight for health care.

Here is what you can do this week:
Ongoing: Tell your elected officials to #ProtectOurCare. Call-in at (866) 426-2631.
Ongoing: Share what quality, affordable health coverage means to you. If you or a loved one has benefited from the ACA, please share your story with us. Please call 315-725=0974 or email



Thursday, Feb 2, Noon-1:00 PM
outside Senator Schumer’s district office (100 S. Clinton St.), map

Facebook Event
DETAILS: On January 24, President Donald Trump signed two executive orders calling for the approval of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, owned by Energy Transfer Partners and TransCanada, respectively.

We can’t let Trump’s anti-environmental agenda threaten our water, air, food, undermine civil rights and commit our planet to climate chaos.

Join in the resistance to fight back.

Join us in a Statewide Day of Action On February 2nd to give Senator Schumer a message – our environment, our health and our right to clean air and water are not for sale.

As Senate Minority Leader and the highest-ranking Democrat, Schumer must lead the charge to resist Trump’s anti-environmental agenda and block his disastrous Cabinet appointments.

February 2nd 12pm-1pm Senator Schumer’s Syracuse Office – James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13261


Following the devastating actions of President Trump this past week, New Yorkers banded together to stand up for immigrants and refugees. Help us keep the momentum going! With reports that the Trump administration may take even more anti-immigrant actions in the next week, it is more important than ever for us to make our voices heard.
Here are five things you can do in the next five days to stand up and support immigrant and refugee communities:

• ASAP Flood social media with demands to reverse President Trump’s harmful and un-American executive orders and call out New York Congressional Reps who support these orders, like Rep. Peter King and Rep. Lee Zeldin of Long Island, Rep. Claudia Tenney of Utica, and Rep. Tom Reed of Ithaca. Say thank you to Rep. Grace Meng of Queens for introducing legislation to repeal the ban on refugees.
.@repleezeldin @realDonaldTrump’s Exec Orders are un-American & unconstitutional. I call on you to stand up for what’s right! #NoBanNoWall
.@reppeteking @realDonaldTrump’s EOs are immoral and just wrong. Reverse your position! #NoBanNoWall #OurNY @thenyic
.@claudiatenney @realDonaldTrump’s Exec Orders are wrong! Refugees make your district stronger! #NoBanNoWall #OurNY
.@reptomreed @realDonaldTrump’s Exec Orders are dangerous – Refugees need to be integrated not excluded! #NoBanNoWall #OurNY
Thank you @RepGraceMeng for legislation repealing @realDonaldTrump’s unconstitutional Exec Order #NoBanNoWall #OurNY

• Wednesday: Voice your opposition to unqualified and anti-immigrant nominees, particularly Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos will be voted on by the full Senate any day now, we need you to call and tweet at moderate Republican senators like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowsi ASAP. We are also standing by for an announcement about a Supreme Court pick tonight. If this individual is outside the mainstream and has voiced unconstitutional xenophobic views, we’ll need to mount resistance immediately.
.@senatorcollins Protect our children’s future – vote NO on @BetsyDeVos for Secretary of Education #NoDevos #OurNY
.@lisamurkowski vote no on @BetsyDeVos – she’s dangerous for our schools, children and country #NoDeVos #OurNY
• Thursday: Donate to immigrant advocacy organizations. The NYIC and our members need your support now more than ever.
• Friday: Join us for Jummah prayer at JFK Airport, standing in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors, those detained in airports across the US, and those unable to fly home. We will circulate further details, but plan to arrive by 11:45 a.m. outside the Terminal 4 Arrivals Hall.
• Saturday: Host a postcard party! Social media is great, but handwritten letters have a much greater impact. Invite family and friends over to tell your representatives that you demand justice for immigrant communities. Messages can be as short as a sentence or two about recent executive orders, pending nominees, and why the first two weeks of the Trump presidency don’t represent the values of America. Click here to find address of your congress person.
We at the CNYCIA are so grateful for your support, and for everyone in our great State who believes in opportunity & justice for all. This is Our New York.



Please join us in Albany this Friday to organize a statwide coalition to fight back against Trump’s attack on health care and safety net programs! We will have a van from Utica. Please RSVP 315-725-0974 or

With our new President & new Congress – all the advancements that we have fought long and hard for over the past 50 years are under attack.

That is why we are reminding you to reach out to your organizational leaders in every region in the state to join us for a vital statewide planning meeting to help organize to stop the attacks on our health care, vital social safety net programs and much more.

It is important that we have representation from each of our targeted Congressional district so that we can form effective regional teams to fight back

Join Forces to Resist the New D.C. Agenda
Friday – Feb3 – 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM
1199/SEIU Office – 155 Washington Ave, Albany

We Have Joined Forces – Renew the American Promise & NY Health Care for America Now

Other Sponsors : Center for Independence of the Disabled in NY, Citizen Action of NY, Fiscal Policy Institute, Hunger Action Network, Metro Health Care for All, NY Statewide Senior Action, NYS Alliance for Retired Americans ,1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers, Central NY Citizens in Action

Commentary: Signs Suggest Trump Budget Will Feature Unprecedented Cuts Plus Large Tax Cuts Favoring Wealthy
In a new commentary, Robert Greenstein outlines the mounting signs suggesting that the forthcoming Trump budget may contain cuts harsher than those in recent House GOP budgets, which themselves would have slashed programs and services across much of the budget.
The budget Republicans approved last spring, for example, contained a stunning $6 trillion in domestic cuts over ten years, shrinking spending outside of Social Security, Medicare, and interest payments to just 7 percent of gross domestic product. That’s less than three-fifths its average level over the past 40 years and a little more than half its average level under President Reagan.
Yet those unprecedented cuts may not be enough for the Trump Administration.
Reports say the Trump team is meeting with career staff to assemble a budget with $10 trillion or more in savings, of which about $8.5 trillion would be cuts to programs outside defense.

The forthcoming Trump budget is likely to represent the largest Robin Hood-in-reverse proposal from any President in modern history, shifting substantial amounts of income from people of modest means to those who already possess enormous wealth.
Read the full commentary here:


New York Must Block the Trump Attack on Immigrants, Women & Religious Groups

• Protect all immigrant families and kids by making New York a sanctuary state

• Block any registry of people based on their religion or ethnicity

• Ensure affordable access to abortion, contraception, and reproductive health care for all New Yorkers by passing the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act

• Offer driver’s licenses to all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status by requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue a license to any New Yorker who can establish state residency

• Extend the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP) to the entire state and ensure that no New York family will be torn apart simply because they cannot afford counsel


New York Must Fight Income Inequality. New York Must Block the Trump Tax Breaks for Corporations and Billionaires and Invest in New York’s Communities

• Expand and extend the millionaires’ tax to capture explosive income gains among the super-rich

• Enact state law to close the carried interest loophole that only benefits hedge fund and private equity billionaires

• Create new state tax provisions to recapture the resources lost by the unfair and unnecessary Trump/GOP tax cuts for the rich. We must reinvest in the needs of New Yorkers, including public education and property tax relief

• Enact new state surcharge on corporations that pay their CEOs over 100 times more than their lowest-paid employees

• Re-enact New York state’s “Robin Hood Tax” or stock transfer tax

• Tax CEO bonuses and exorbitant pay packages designed to game federal tax laws



New York Must Block the Trump & Billionaire-Driven Attacks on Public Education, Health Care & the Safety Net

• New York must invest in our local public schools and fulfill the $4.3 billion owed to our neediest schools as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity

• New York must block the privatization of public schools by expanding community schools, expanding access to pre-K and childcare services

• Mandate training and education for all school staff in anti-racist, culturally responsive practices

• Fully fund a high-quality, free SUNY and CUNY education for all state residents including undocumented immigrants and provide financial aid to undocumented students at private colleges

• Stop the Trump/GOP attack on Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. Ensure essential medical benefits and services continue for all New Yorkers and that New York moves forward on a Universal Health Care for All system in New York

• Fully fund the END AIDS 2020 platform

• Provide quality, affordable long-term care and support for seniors and people with disabilities who wish to live at home with dignity

• Enact stronger rent laws to protect New Yorkers living in rent stabilized apartments, and end

big developer tax breaks for creating luxury developments

• End homelessness and extreme poverty in New York by:

• Fully funding 20,000 units of supportive housing statewide. The Governor

and legislative leaders need to sign the M.O.U. releasing $1.9 billion for supportive and affordable housing

• Enacting the Home Stability Support Plan to stop eviction and house homeless New Yorkers.

• Properly fund public housing throughout the state


New York Must Block the Trump Attack on Workers and Unions

• Block corporate and Trump efforts to roll-back worker protections through strategies like using forced arbitration, legalizing the misclassification of platform economy workers, and defunding enforcement agencies

• Strengthen retaliation protections to encourage workers to blow the whistle on abuse and to protect workers from retaliation when they do come forward

• Empower state agencies to perform proactive enforcement in high violation industries and substantially increase resources for complaint-driven enforcement

• Finish the work of establishing one fair wage in New York State, by eliminating the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers and getting to $15 an hour for those regions of the state left behind by the 2016 deal

• Stop the failed strategy of subsidizing corporations to “create” jobs

• Invest directly in public jobs that build our state’s social and physical infrastructure

• Expand paid family leave programs

• Pass a statewide paid sick days law

• Enact fair hours laws and safe staffing laws

• Invest in New Yorkers from early education to higher education and support worker-owned businesses statewide

• Ensure the right to collectively bargain and strengthen unions in New York




New York Must Block the Trump Attack on Our Environment & Our Climate

• Enact the Climate and Community Protection Act (S8005 / A10342)

• Stop all fossil fuel infrastructure buildout

• Pass an interstate compact of carbon taxes and rebates to support clean energy and help families using clean energy

• Work with California and other reality-based states and cities to join the Paris Climate Accord

• Defend and expand New York State actions against climate polluters, including the Attorney General’s investigation of ExxonMobil

• Establish a state constitutional right to clean, safe water for all New Yorkers

New York Must Block the Trump & Billionaire Attack on Our Democracy

• Enact public financing of elections by establishing a small donor matching system for campaigns

• Close the LLC loophole, lower contribution limits for candidates and committees and limit transfers between committees to implement a check on how much money special interests and large donors can use to influence elections

• Make voting easier and more accessible by establishing same-day registration, early voting, mail-in voting, automatic registration and 100% accessible polling places

• Restore the right to vote for New Yorkers on parole


New York Must Block the Trump Attack on Criminal Justice Reforms

• Enact a package of strong police accountability measures that includes ending solitary confinement, and closing Rikers Island Correctional Facility and Attica Prison

• Require statewide reporting on deaths in police-involved incidents and enforcement of violations and misdemeanors, including racial, gender and other demographics

• Ensure fair administration of justice, eliminate racial disparities and expand prevention and rehabilitation by overhaulingthe criminal justice system from pre-arrest to community re-entry

• Reduce the number of prisons, and number of people incarcerated, by reducing sentences through parole, bail and sentencing reform

• Raise the age of criminal responsibility and youth offender status

• Enact state law to protect domestic violence survivors facing prosecution for taking action to protect themselves and their families

• Ensure NY meets its constitutional obligation by fully funding indigent legal defense and passing a speedy trial law to address court processing delays and reduce people being held in pre-trial detention

• Ban racially discriminatory arrests for ticketable violations and end racially biased, costly and unconstitutional low-level marijuana arrests

• Empower those most harmed by the criminal injustice system by restoring the voting rights, labor rights, and eligibility to Tuition Assistance Program for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people

• End the school-to-prison pipeline. End arrest and criminal summons in schools for all non-criminal violations and misdemeanors by passing the Safe and Supportive Schools Act


Citizen Action is a member of NY ReNews, a statewide coalition working on energy democracy and climate justice.

We’re not even a week in, and the Trump administration has already begun ignoring climate science, dialing back progress, and pushing our planet toward the brink of catastrophe. In the face of federal denialism, it’s up to the great state of New York to help lead the fight to save the world.
Join thousands of other New Yorkers who are calling on Governor Cuomo to defy Trump and make climate change an urgent top priority.
Call his office today at : 1-518-474-8390

How? He can start by including the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) in the state’s 2017 budget. The CCPA tackles climate pollution in all sectors, while getting frontline communities the resources they need to weather the climate storm, and instituting key labor protections that will ensure good, family-supporting jobs in the renewable energy economy. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything near this kind of ambition in the budget proposal Cuomo unveiled on January 17th.

Just 10 days after Trump’s inauguration, help us make sure we’re setting New York on a course to lead the nation in tackling climate change. Our futures depend on it.



The New York Immigration Coalition, along with The Fiscal Policy Institute and the New York City Office of Comptroller Scott Stringer, elected officials and advocates unveiled new legislation and analysis in favor of granting driver’s licenses to Undocumented New Yorkers.
New analyses from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and the Fiscal Policy Institute find significant social and economic benefits of extending driving privileges to undocumented immigrants. The analyses found that the policy change would help support immigrant families by expanding job opportunities, while modestly lowering insurance premiums for all state drivers and improving public safety on roadways, with the fiscal costs of implementing the proposal more than offset by added revenues. The new legislation will be introduced with full support of the Green Light NY: Driving Together Coalition, a statewide coalition of immigrant organizations who have been advocating for licenses as a way to better protect and integrate immigrant communities in New York. The new bill also provides significant data security protections to push back on overreaching federal administration.





A coalition of human services nonprofits from across New York State were joined by Assemblymembers Fahy, Gunther, Hevesi, and Rosenthal, as well as Senators Amedore and Hamilton, to call on Governor Cuomo and the legislature to strengthen the nonprofit human services sector through smart and efficient investment and systemic changes. The Executive Budget, while acknowledging the importance of human services, provided little in the way of strengthening the organizations and the sector responsible for supporting and lifting families out of poverty.

The Coalition, which is comprised of nearly 350 organizations across New York State, is part of the statewide Restore Opportunity Now campaign, which seeks to address sector health issues like fully funded contracts, competitive salaries and benefits for nonprofits needed to recruit and retain high quality staff, and program funding to meet the growing needs of New Yorkers.

The advocacy campaign amplifies a recent report highlighting the need for human services in New York communities. In many cities, child poverty exceeds 50 percent, and food security and housing continue to be pressing issues. Despite these statistics, spending in the human services sector in New York has decreased by an average of 1.3 percent per year since 2011.

Human services are the State’s first line of defense in combating pressing issues like poverty, but rising costs coupled with ever present needs and lack of investment have undermined the health of the sector, which is now at a breaking point. Fifty-eight percent of providers in the state in 2014 reported that they were not meeting the need in their communities. Only 7 percent reported that their State contracts covered the full cost of providing services. Recruitment and retention of qualified staff is also a major challenge, due to low levels of compensation, often set by government.

The Coalition is calling on the governor and legislature to take the first steps this budget session to strengthen the sector by funding the minimum wage for direct human services contracts and Medicaid reimbursements, implementing an funding a 15% floor for indirect, and continuing investment in the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program. These steps would ensure that human services providers continue to deliver essential services efficiently and effectively.

Coalition members will also participate in an advocacy day today, meeting with more than 20 Assemblymembers and Senators.

“Our investments in human services aid vulnerable populations, help uplift communities, and extend ladders of opportunity to the next generation of New York leaders. We must boost our investment in this critical sector because nurturing healthy human services makes for healthier, higher quality of life communities for all New Yorkers,” said Senator Jesse Hamilton (D).
“As we stare down the barrel of a Trump Administration, it is imperative that New York invest in the future of children and families by fully funding non-profit organizations across the State,” said Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (D/WF). “Non-profits often act as a safety net in many communities where residents struggle with homelessness and poverty. We must do everything possible to insulate New Yorkers from the coming cuts at the federal level, and funding the State’s non-profits will go a long way in protecting the most vulnerable over the next four years.”

“Like New Yorkers across the State, we are very excited about many of the initiatives put forward by the Governor in the State of the State. There are over 800,000 hardworking New Yorkers in the not for profit sector who will be involved in the implementation of many of these new initiatives including people in the mental health workforce. We need the continued support of the Governor and the Legislature to help keep funding whole for this workforce by supporting salary and benefits that allow nonprofits to recruit and retain a high quality staff,” said Glenn Liebman, CEO of Mental Health Association in NYS.

“We are here to advocate for investment in some of the most important people in New York state,” said William T. Gettman, Jr., CEO, Northern Rivers Family of Services. “Our not-for-profit human services workers are responsible for helping the children of today grow into the leaders of tomorrow who will help keep New York a great place to live,

Madison County Democratic Committee
February 2, 2017, 7:00PM

Colgate Inn
Hamilton, NY

Guest Speaker: Nancy Ries, PhD
Professor of Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies
Colgate University

“Trump and Putin: Kindred Autocrats or Actual Collaborators”

Community Events

I, too, am America: A Song of Race and Language
Opening Reception, Fri, Feb 3, 6-8pm, Community Folk Art Center, 805 E. Genesse Street, Syracuse
Panel Discussion/ Artist Talk, Sat, Feb 4, 2017, Community Folk Art Center, 805 E. Genesse Street, Syracuse.
This exhibition will allow for direct communication through interactive sculpture; to catch a glimpse into other’s experiences with candid photography and subject statements; and it will invite the viewer to observe social benchmarks of our past with poignant collages and prints.

A Place of Rage Screening
Wednesday, Feb 15, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. ArtRage Gallery
A Place of Rage is an exuberant award-winning documentary film by filmmaker Pratibha Parmar. The film will be introduced by Marcelle Haddix, Chair, Reading & Language Arts, Syracuse University. A celebration of the contributions and achievements of prominent African American women, the film features Angela Davis, June Jordan and Alice Walker. Within the context of civil rights, black power, lesbian and gay rights and the feminist movement, the trio reassesses how women like Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer revolutionized American society and the world generally.


Tue. Feb. 7 – a Childcare/Pre-K lobby day AND a state-level Health Care for All NY lobby day

Feb. 13 – Environment Budget Hearing Action on Climate Justice (NY Renews) – (

February 16 – Raise the Age Call In Day 518-455-2800
I am calling to urge you to pass comprehensive ‘Raise the Age’ legislation in the state budget due April 1st. New York is one of only two states that prosecutes all 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for any offense, no matter what. This has been proven to jeopardize public safety and does not match what we know about how to help young people get back on track. I urge you to support Raise the Age this session and to do the whole package! Thank you.

President’s Week: February 20-25 – Congressional Recess!!! (Health Care focus)
Please contact your member of Congress to stop ACA repeal. Please call your Representative to tell him/her to Say no to ACA repeal, cuts to Medicaid/Medicare/SNAP/Housing and federal corporate tax breakes. We are planning many events during this time.

Tue, March 7 – Raise the Age Lobby Day – Save the Date

Also: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 – Driver Licenses for ALL NY, Albany Day
Join for a day of legislative visits to speak up for licenses for all in NY.
Send an email to to reserve your seat.
For almost a year, we have been building community support and leadership among our members to win driver licenses for all immigrants in NY.
We will be part of a Broad Coalition of Elected Officials and Advocates that will unveil new legislation and analysis In favor of granting driver’s licenses to undocumented New


April 23-25: People’s Action “Rise Up” Founding Convention
Purpose: To publicly launch People’s Action as a political home for our affiliates, as a movement leader for our allies, and as a powerful counterpoint to the politics of white nationalism / fascism that has hijacked our democracy.

April 29th – People’s Climate March II in DC

Justice Works 2017: June 3 & 4 at the Desmond, Albany, New York


Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc.
(Utica-Rome Chapter of Citizen Action of New York)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 411; Utica, NY 13503-0411

Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. was developed from the Utica Citizens in Action, a multi-issue public interest association affiliated with Citizen Action of New York. It was founded in 1997 to address critical social, economic and environmental issues facing residents of Oneida, Herkimer, and Madison Counties. Members of our group worked to empower low and moderate income Central New York residents to participate in shaping the policies that affect their lives, such as economic justice, environment, housing, education, economic development, health care, public benefit programs, and consumer issues. Our projects include research and policy development, public education on a wide range of public policy issues, development of educational materials, community outreach and grassroots organizing, coalition development, training, and lobbying. Please join our email list by sending an email to with the subject heading – Join List. We also invite you to become a member of our group and attend our meetings.